Global Flood Working Group
4th Workshop of the Global Flood Working Group
 Workshop 2014

Registration Form: 4th Global Flood Workshop


Attendance will be limited to around 70 participants, who will be selected based on their potential contributions to the Global Flood Partnership by the following criteria:

  1. global or regional scope: preference will be given to contributions with global or regional scope.
  2. existing (sustainable) capacity: preference will be given to contributions that have demonstrated results and are running in (pre-) operational mode serving well-identified users. 
  3. interoperable/collaborative approach: preference will be given to organisations and projects that have integrated multiple systems and stakeholders using interoperable and collaborative approaches.

The following types of contributions are encouraged:

  • Scientific organisations: creating integrated flood monitoring systems with global scope
    • Global flood forecasting, monitoring and observations systems
    • Global flood damage and impact assessment systems (including mapping, damage assessments, economic losses, human losses)
    • Global flood risk assessment methodologies and systems
    • Global flood related data, including digital elevation, flood protection measures (dams, dykes, levees), real-time gauging data, etc.
  • Users: using science for operations and policy
    • Capacity building of national hydromet, civil protection and emergency services: using global data and services in national systems
    • Regional networks of flood authorities and scientific organisations: showing best practices for collaboration, running operational systems
    • Global flood response agencies: needs and uses of flood data for operations

Application deadline (using on-line template below) is 15 January 2014

Selection will be confirmed by 20 January 2014.

 Registration Status

Registration status

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 Global Flood Partnership

Five main components of the Global Flood Partnership

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The Global Flood Partnership is composed of the following five main components (see full concept paper for more details):

Global Flood Toolbox: A toolbox of open data, services and models for supporting flood risk mapping and assessment (now and under changing climate), early warning and impact analysis, complements by training programs

Global Flood Observatory: Provides operational global flood forecasting and monitoring services, including a group of experts providing up to 30 day flood forecasts and impact analysis for major floods

Global Historical Flood Record: Develops and maintains a global flood hazard and loss record according to international standards

Global Flood Training and Capacity Building Program: Provides training modules for flood monitoring capacity building and maintenance in developing countries and international organizations, which can be integrated in existing training programs of major development banks and agencies

Global Flood User Forum: holds regular meetings between all partners in focused workshops to ensure that user needs are driving innovation and development.