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2015 GFP Conference


2015 Annual Conference of the Global Flood Partnership: early results and future ambitions

Extended Deadline: 15 February 2015

The 2015 Conference of the Global Flood Partnership will be kindly hosted by the Dartmouth Flood Observatory at university of Colorado and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and NCAR, in Boulder, Colorado (USA), from 4-6 May 2015.

The conference follows the 4th meeting of the Global Flood Working Group, where the Global Flood Partnership was launched. 

Each year, floods cause devastating losses and damage across the world. Growing population in ill-planned flood prone coastal and riverine areas are increasingly exposed to more extreme rainfall events. With more population and economic asset at risk, governments, banks, international development and relief agencies, and private firms are investing in flood reduction measures. However, in many countries, the flood risk is not managed optimally because of lack of scientific data and methods or a communication gap between science and risk managers.

The Global Flood Partnership is a multi-disciplinary group of scientists, operational agencies and flood risk managers focused on developing efficient and effective global flood tools that can address these challenges.
The goals of the group are:

  1. to develop and improve global flood forecasting and monitoring systems, 
  2. to deploy these systems in a global flood observatory tracking floods in near real-time, 
  3. to build a global flood record suitable for flood risk assessment and 
  4. to make these tools available to organizations and countries that need them.

The aim of this year’s meeting is to review the first year of the Global Flood Partnership and to further structure the many ongoing work and initiatives in a coordinated manner to develop prototype products and services useful for national hydro-meteorological services and international emergency response agencies.

Application: register on-line

The meeting is open to scientists, experts and practitioners in the field of global flood forecasting and monitoring who are interested in contributing to the Global Flood Partnership with (prototype) operational systems, data, knowledge and networks. The three day conference will explore ways to coordinate existing efforts in an effective way with a common objective. Each of the five strands of the Global Flood Partnership (see below) will be coordinated by key organizations, including the UNISDR, WMO, World Bank GFDRR, Dartmouth Flood Observatory and European Commission JRC.

Attendance will be limited to maximum 100 participants, who will be selected based on their potential contributions to the Global Flood Partnership by the following criteria: (1) global or regional scope, (2) existing (sustainable) capacity, (3) interoperable/collaborative approach. 

Application deadline (using on-line template) is extended to 15 February 2015. Selection will be confirmed by end of February 2015.


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