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 Maintenance announcements
Maintenance announcements are posted here. These announcements regard the GDACS web site and the GDACS disaster alert system.
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GDACS maintenance policy - Friday, February 14, 2014
To comply with JRC policy on security settings, GDACS servers may go offline on a weekly basis for basic maintenance. The maintenance will be limited to a few minutes around 11:00UTC on Fridays. This affects all GDACS services (including mobile services). JRC is working on a solution to eliminate the downtime. read more ...
Old GDACS system shut down - Friday, November 22, 2013

In June 2013, GDACS was migrated to new servers. The old system was still available as backup under the URL This system has now been shut down. If you have any links pointing to that URL, they will not longer work.

Solved issue with Australian mobile numbers - Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Australian users may have experienced problems with receiving SMS alerts from GDACS in the past months. We noticed a while ago that all SMS traffic to Australian mobile numbers was not processed well by our SMS provider. We’ve since worked with the provider on a solution, which was tested with a few users this week. All traffic to Australian mobile numbers should now be routed correctly.

GDACS Migration - Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The JRC will shortly upgrade hardware and software underlying the GDACS monitoring, alert and public web system. User registration and changes to the alert profile will be unavailable for a short time, but other changes should be transparent. The main changes are:

  • Complete overhaul of the Earthquake and Tsunami system for better performance and with new alert models for tsunamis, support for national sub-systems and for different alert scales
  • Upgrade of the geospatial database system from ArcGIS Server 9.3 to 10, with new features for better maps
  • Migration of hardware from JRC corporate web zone to a dedicated subnet with more flexibility for scaling and deploying new beta products, and reducing the servers from 15 to 8 more powerful ones in a new architecture.

The new system can be previewed on Please let us know if you notice bugs with services you're using, in particular for syndicated feeds. After the switch (which will be announced in a further message), the old system will be available on Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

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         5/30/2011 3:21:30 AM
Alerta sismos Alerta sobre sismos Submitted By: Daniel Arteaga

         5/28/2011 2:27:49 AM
Alert I have not received this sort of alert before but now I am glad I am in the list. I would of course appreciate receiving these messages in the future. Thanks. Submitted By: pat v. kennedy

         5/28/2011 12:59:27 AM
Would to become a global EQ volunteer data spreader I would to use my i3 - Toshiba L645 laptop become a volunteer for Global Earth Quake Alert spreader Submitted By: asep

         5/27/2011 5:44:12 PM
Thank you for the prompt correction Submitted By: Roger Flanagan

         5/27/2011 1:02:48 PM
Error sending earthquake alert Please send me earthquake alert again. Submitted By: Bülent Talay

         5/27/2011 12:52:32 PM
Green earthquake alert-Turkey I have not received any Green earthquake alert at the email address '' Regards, Submitted By: DVBRao

         5/27/2011 12:39:00 PM
feedback your great even with some errors! Keep going in this way! Greetings from: Bledar Jonuzaj Tirana Albania Submitted By: Bledar Jonuzaj

         5/27/2011 12:38:16 PM
Error sending earthquake alert - Friday, May 27, 2011 Dear Sirs The importance of this services includes also the possibility of any technical error. All users should understand it and to accept only the benefits of this system and to thank all the involved personel for their effort. Personally I am always thankful and I will never stay to any error regarding the given information. Please keep providing us for the useful information you to provide. Thank you Submitted By: John Saroglou

         5/27/2011 12:33:06 PM
Please change my phone number for GDACS SMS Dear GDACS, I have tried to remove my swiss phone number from GDACS SMS as I now live in Central African Republic, however I am still receiving SMSs on my swiss phone which I have to pay for as incoming texts and it is very expensive. Can you please remove my swiss number (+41 79 452 6496) from the alert list, and add my African number (+236 70 18 80 65). Thank you. Submitted By: Lauren Paletta

         5/27/2011 12:11:35 PM
No problem Thanks for informing us Submitted By: Tom De Groeve