Analyses of GDACS events
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Armenia Exercise Flood extent KML
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2014 Oct 22 11:15
For GDACS meeting 2014, created in Google Earth to represent the Goris 1997 flash floods
Armenia Exercise EQ shakemap KMZ
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2014 Oct 22 11:11
Tags: Earthquakes
Actually USGS shakemap of Spitak 1988 earthquake, shifted SW to Goris
Tsunami Solomon Islands 6 Feb 2013 (Map)
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2013 Feb 07 09:22
Tags: Earthquakes, Tsunami, Orange
Map showing the results of the tsunami calculations performed by GDACS, including identification of the wave heights in populated places.
Tsunami Solomon Islands 6 Feb 2013
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2013 Feb 07 09:19
Tags: Earthquakes, Tsunami, Orange
An earthquake of magnitude 8 Mw and depth 28.7 km occurred on 06/02/2013 01:12 UTC, affecting about 17000 people on the Nendo Island in Temotu, Solomon Islands. The earthquake caused a tsunami with a maximum wave height of 2.0m (calculated) on the South West side of Nendo Island, near Nemya Bay. This tsunami wave arrived after 1-2 minutes. The main shock was followed by a series of aftershocks, of which the highest magnitude was 7.1 Mw, itself contributing to the sea level deformation with an additional small tsunami.
GDACS detected the earthquake after 9 minutes (based on seismic data from the US National Earthquake Information Centre) and sent 3625 SMS and 7365 email Orange alerts based on the tsunami wave height within 4 minutes. The GDACS Virtual OSOCC was activated at 7:37UTC. Tsunami calculations for this event were triggered as early as 7 min by seismologic data providers.
As of 13:00 UTC, international media and humanitarian organisations report 5 people dead, several injured, 50-100 houses destroyed, damage to several villages around Lata as well as critical infrastructure being affected (flooded airport, power outages).
Hurricane Sandy (USA)
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2012 Oct 31 10:52
Tags: Cyclones
After hurricane Sandy caused humanitarian impact in the Caribbean (in particular Haiti), it impacted the United States. This report shows the analysis and monitoring activities performed at JRC for GDACS.
JRC Daily Report 30 October 2012
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2012 Oct 31 10:59
Tags: Cyclones
Overview map of impact of hurricane SANDY in the US.
FEMA Situation Report (Tuesday, October 30, 2012)
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2012 Oct 31 10:57
Tags: Cyclones
Costa Rica Tsunami 5 September 2012
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2012 Sep 06 06:47
Tags: Earthquakes, Tsunami
The first report of the Costa Rica tsunami event of 5 September 2012. At the time of writing, the situation is still not clear in terms of damage from the earthquake. A small Tsunami was generated but did not cause a large runup on the coasts.