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The primary objective of the global flood partnership is to develop products at global and national levels. These products should only be used as interim tools by developing countries, while they put in place local, dedicated, high-resolution systems. An important effort of the partnership will focus on enabling developing and less developed countries to develop their own capacities by offering access to data, models and above all expertise from the Partnership.

Capacity building of hydrological authorities and civil protection authorities in flood-prone countries is a cost-effective way to reduce impacts and losses[1]. Putting in place early warning systems may lead to significant benefits, up to 50% for upper middle income countries.  The partnership will establish mechanisms to transfer knowledge and systems developed in the Flood Toolbox and data produced in the Flood Observatory to flood-prone developing countries. These may include exchange of staff, summer schools organized by technical partners, or dedicated in-country training programmes. The partnership will also build on training material, modules and/or programs of partners, and jointly develop new ones, to support developing countries to better integrate existing systems and data in their operations.


[1] A Cost Effective Solution to Reduce Disaster Losses in Developing Countries: Hydro-Meteorological Services, Early Warning, and Evacuation. StĂ©phane Hallegatte, 2012. Policy Research Working Paper 6058.

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