International Workshop on Global Flood Monitoring and Forecasting

From 22 to 24 March 2011, the International Workshop on Global Flood Monitoring and Forecasting gathered 20 scientific experts and 4 humanitarian organisations and 2 insurance groups to discuss the state of the art in this new and multi-disciplinary field.

The principle objective of the workshop was to bring all scientists working on global flood monitoring as well as the user community together and gain a common understanding of the state of the art. A second objective was to identify if and how the various existing prototype, pre-operational or operational systems can be conceptually and practically integrated to provide systems-of-systems with added value.


Scientific community (11)
- G. Robert Brakenridge, Colorado University, Director of Flood Observatory 
- Fritz Policelli, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Centre
- Robert Adler, Maryland University, Washington DC, USA
- Chris Chiesa, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Information Officer, Pacific Disaster Centre, Hawaii, USA
- Adriana Albanese, Andrea Ajmar, Franca Disabato, Ithaca, Italy
- Florian Pappenberger, European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts
- Nathalie Voisin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University of Washington Princeton
- Ulrich Looser, Global Runoff Data Centre
- Marco Kleuskens, Deltares, Netherlands

User group (7)
- Jens Mehlhorn, Director, Head of Flood Group, Swiss Re
- Timothy Fewtrell, Willis
- Frederic Zanetta, Disaster Information Senior Officer, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
- Thomas Peter, Head GDACS Secretariat, Chief Emergency Response Coordination Centre, United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
- Olimpia Imperiali, European Commission Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection (Monitoring and Information Centre)
- Lara Prades and Marion Cezard, World Food Program

Joint Research Centre
- Tom De Groeve, Critech Action, Global Flood Detection System
- Delilah Al Khudhairy, Head of Global Security and Crisis Management Unit
- Alessandro Annunziato, Head of Crisis Management and Monitoring Technologies (Critech) Action
- Stefano Paris, Critech Action
- Luca Vernaccini, Critech Action
- Pamela Probst, Critech Action
- Andreas Hirner, Critech Action

- Ad de Roo, Head of Floods Action
- Peter Burek, Floods Action
- Jutta Thielen, Floods Action
- Vera Thiemig, Floods Action

 Workshop actions

·         List of presentations to be shared among participants: on ftp site and on web site (28 March 2010)

·         List of relevant publications for each system to be shared: on web site (1 April 2010)

·         List of URLs to products; access to restricted products under certain conditions

o   Real-time products; real-time data

o   Flood scenarios (Swiss Re)

o   Seasonal and Hazards Calendar WFP (on web site 1 April 2010)

o   Data archives: Dartmouth Flood Observatory (on DFO homepage 24 March 2010)

o   Data archives: NASA

·         Map and grid of systems: the draft documents can be commented: part of final outcome document (14 April 2010)

·         List of critical data sources will be compiled by Ithaca

·         Special issue in Journal of River Basin Management or other journal: description of state of the art.

o   April 15: list of publications, authors, short description (for scientific partners)

·         Next workshop: Hawaii, Washington or London, March 2012

Workshop outcomes
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The participants agreed to share information and collaborate on joint validation studies. The participants will submit papers to a journal special issue.
Map of systems
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One outcome of the workshop was an overview of the existing systems. These are mapped in terms of timing (along the flood cycle) and spatial resolution.
Background and agenda
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Background document framing the discussions of the workshop