iGDACS - Mobile Application for Disaster Information and Response

Can we improve post-disaster situation awareness by community involvement? Are standard mobile devices applicable for disaster information gathering? We are exploring current technology and internet trends in order to answer these questions. The developed iPhone App provides users real-time information about disasters (GDACS Alerts) and gives them the possibility to send information in the form of a geo-located image and/or text back. Targeted users include professional emergency responders of tGADSC, as well as general users affected by disasters.

The App intended to tap the abundant information about disasters available from people who actually experience them. Reports of the iGDACS users are used to improve the overall situational picture.

Browse current GDACS alerts in a list or on a map and get more detailed information:
Send reports (pictures and text) for specific events. Your position (if available) is included automatically.



GDACS has no emergency response capability. Do NOT send us any requests for help and/or emergency response. Your reports are only used to improve the overall situational picture and there is NO individual response to any of your messages.


While we try everything to ensure accuracy, this information is purely indicative and should not be used for any decision making without alternate sources of information. The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of the information presented in the iGDACS App.

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Your feedback is welcome. Please send it to igdacs@gdacs.org.