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Global Flood Partnership


Coordinators: Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, European Commission Humanitarian Aid and civil Protection

End-users, be it international organisations, hydrological authorities in developing countries or emergency response authorities, are an essential part of the partnership. This includes both operational actors and policy makers. The Global Flood Partnership will set up a network of users from these communities and organize regular meetings to discuss user needs, evaluation of existing tools and services, and in general get feedback and have a dialogue with the principle users. Users (especially those from hydrological authorities in developing and less developed countries) will provide feedback on both the tools’ application and the progress achieved within the countries’ capacity building programme including a step forward towards institutionalising and creating local, tailored detailed systems.

Initially, this will be through the continued meetings of the Global Flood Working Group. Already in the past years, the group was composed of end users at international level (humanitarian agencies). But also at national level, including representatives of the Namibian water authorities and the Brazilian federal disaster monitoring center (CEMADEN).

The network will be the essential feedback mechanism that drives innovation and sets priorities for further development.


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