Overall Green alert Flood
in Indonesia

Flood impact summary

This flood is expected to have a low humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

GDACS ID: 1102428
Deaths: 2
Displaced: 2328
Region: Riau Province
Countries: Indonesia
From - To 06 Jan - 17 Jan
Known identifiers for this event:


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Impact Assessement as of 16-01-2024

SENDAI Indicator A N Country Location Info
death 2 Indonesia Kasomalang
SENDAI Indicator B N Country Location Info
affected 1165 Indonesia Jakarta
affected 6370 Indonesia Bandung Regency
affected 257 Indonesia -
affected 13287 Indonesia South Sumatra
affected 52192 Indonesia -
affected 131834 Indonesia Riau Province
displaced 2066 Indonesia Riau Province
displaced 262 Indonesia Kasomalang
SENDAI Indicator C N Country Location Info
houses 1600 Indonesia Bandung Regency
houses 70 Indonesia -
houses 32303 Indonesia Riau Province
houses destroyed 8 Indonesia South Sumatra

Satellite Observation

Satellite-based Flood extent provided by GLOFAS
Overall of the satellite-based flooded area from / to : 2023-12-30 / 2024-01-24  

Timeline of revisions

For accessing reports of previous advisories, please click on the advisory number in the table below.

IDAlert ColorPopulation affectedStart DateEnd DateSource
1 2 deaths and 262 displaced 06 Jan 2024 08 Jan 2024 GLOFAS
2 0 deaths 11 Jan 2024 16 Jan 2024 GLOFAS
3 0 deaths and 2066 displaced 15 Jan 2024 17 Jan 2024 GLOFAS

Flood polygons

This polygon (translucent blue with a blue border) is drawn by the analysts recording the flood event. It is meant to include all the areas reported as affected, by official source or the media. It does not represent the area actually under water.

Microwave flood detection

Flooded area, as detected in microwaves by the Global Flood Detection System of the JRC, based on NASA TRMM/GPM observations. This system has a rather low resolution (of 5-10km) but is not affected by clouds.
For more details, see http://www.unisdr.org/files/9622_LBNA23303ENC002.pdf.
The areas with a flood signal along the coast are an artefact of the system and should not be considered.

Optical Flood detection

Flooded area as detected in optical wavelengths by NASA/MODIS, known as "MODIS Flood Product". Data are made available by NASA GSFC Flood Mapping Project, http://oas.gsfc.nasa.gov/floodmap/index.html. Resolution of 250m, heavily affected by cloud cover.